How Do I Get Started? 


Submit Your Resume

We make it simple for our talent. We begin the process by entering your resume into Scouted Ai's database.

Scouted AI is Ruvivo's intelligent talent matching platform that integrates artificial intelligent to automate the matching of candidates to employers. 



Speak To A Talent Advocate  

After your resume is analyzed, we put a human touch to the process by giving you a brief call to learn more about you.

With the use of machine learning, Scouted AI gets smarter every time it is used. By analyzing what your job preferences are , it’ll quickly use the data you have submitted as feedback into effect the next time it suggests a job.



              Job Hunt

Next, we create a profile on your behalf. You can control and apply to jobs directly or let hiring managers come to you!

After you are set up, we will schedule you with phone interviews, on site interviews, and you will be able to recieve job offers.



              Your First Day

Hooray! You've interviewed and you've received a job offer! Once you accept a job offer, we work on getting you a start date.

Your Talent Advocate works with the company to get you set up so you are set up for success for your big day.