Matching Top Talent From Tech, Sales, & Finance with Game Changing Companies

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What Roles Does Ruvivo Help With? 





CTO’s, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Computer Vision, Deep Learning Engineers, Research Scientists, Principal Software Engineers, Architects, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Technical Product Managers, VP of Engineering’s, Engineering Managers, iOS Developers, Android Developers, UI Engineers, Full Stack Engineers, and more


Sales, Marketing, admin

CEO’s, Executive Assistants, Admin Assistants, Office Managers, HR Managers, Recruiters, Head of Talent, Growth Hackers, VP of Sales, Global Head Of Marketing,  and more



Finance & Accounting


CFO's, Controllers, Senior Accountants, Property Accountants, Accounting Managers, Finance Managers, AP Clerks, Investment Bankers, Consultants, Private Equity, Hedge Fund Managers,  & more

                                                                                                                                                                    Ruvivo's Cutting Edge Ai Recruitment Tool

                                                                                                                                                                    Ruvivo's Cutting Edge Ai Recruitment Tool

Artificial Intelligence Meets Recruiting 


AI Talent Matching 

Scouted AI is Ruvivo's intelligent talent matching platform that integrates artificial intelligent to automate the matching of candidates to employers. Scouted AI was created to dive deep into the hiring managers needs & wants and pair them with the candidate that fits the role best.



Machine Learning 

With use of machine learning, Scouted AI gets smarter every time it is used. By analyzing what an employer likes, or dislikes in terms of suggestions, it’ll quickly take that feedback into effect the next time it suggests a candidate.



Making Hiring Managers Happier

By analyzing what an employer is looking for, our AI quickly analyzes the preferences of the hiring manager and suggests candidates based on their qualifications. The AI automates the recruiting process which has resulted in an 80% satisfaction rate per suggestion.



In-Depth Search 

Scouted AI’s recruiting methods go beyond your typical agency search. Scouted AI’s proprietary system uses Boolean searches, X-Ray searches, and expansive data mining to find the best resumes that match exactly what our clients are looking for.



Find Your Dream Job Today! 

Ruvivo is determined to advocate for our talent. We help our candidates find the job that suits there skill sets but culture as well.